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Bet on winner of the match: this is the most common and simple type of bet. It is not more than betting on a player, or pair of doubles, as the winner of a particular match.


You bet € 10 to share 2.0 to which Nadal will win Federer in the US Open Final… if Nadal wins the victory you will receive € 20 back: € 10 from your original bet, and the other € 10 will be winnings.

Final Winner: This market refers to which will be the final winner of a tennis tournament. Here you should study the strengths and weaknesses of the players on one surface or another before placing your bet (a clear example may be: Federer is the most dominant player on the grass, while Djokovic is on the hard surface).


You bet € 20 on which Andy Murray will win Wimbledon at odds 4.0… if he gets it, you will receive € 80: you recover the € 20 bet, and you get € 60 in winnings.

Correct marker: easy to understand market, but that requires a previous analysis on your part. Here you bet that a player will win a match with a specific set difference – for example 3-0, or 3-1, if the match is the best of five sets.


You bet € 10 to which Dimitrov will win Cilic, in a match – five sets – in Roland Garros, for a score of 3 sets to 1 over 3.0 odds… if Dimitrov wins for that exact result, you will receive € 30: you recover the € 10 wagered, plus € 20 profit.

* A similar bet is the correct marker of a set in games – for example, 6 to 4, 6 to 2 … Let’s say that in that market, in the same game, you bet € 5 to which Cilic will win the second set 6-3 over odds of 4.0 … if you take it with that exact result, you will recover the € 5 wagered, and you will earn € 15.

Winning bets with set handicap: in a bet that includes a set handicap, you must add / subtract the handicap to the final result. Let’s look at a specific case …


Murray faces Federer at the Australian Open. The one in Basel has a +1.5 handicap in favor, while Murray has -1.5. You bet € 5 to share 2.0 in favor of Murray… and win the match by two sets of difference: you recover the € 5 wagered, and you receive another € 5 in winnings – if you had only won for one set, your bet would be losing.

Betting with handicap games: in this market a handicap of games is added to the game, either referred to a set or to the whole game. Therefore, to the result of the game in number of games you will have to add / subtract that handicap from X number of games.

Example of betting with handicap games

Nadal has a handicap of -7.5 games in his match with Wawrinka, and € 5 bets he will win over 3.0 odds. Based on that, we will consider two possibilities:

Nadal wins the match 7-5, 6-3, 5-7, and 7-5. Therefore, the result in games is 25 for Nadal and 20 for Wawrinka. This result does not meet the negative handicap of 7.5 when subtracted from Nadal (17.5 to 20) … so you lose your bet even if he takes the game.
Nadal wins 6-2, 5-7, 6-4 and 6-2 – that is, the result in games is 23 to 15 in favor of the Mallorcan. In this case, as the difference in games exceeds 7.5 (15.5 to 5 when applying the handicap) … you win your bet and receive € 15: € 10 profit, you recover the € 5 wagered.

Bets over / under than (certain number of sets / games): in this type of markets in tennis, instead of betting that a particular player will win or lose, you do so to the total number of games or sets that will be played in the match in question

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