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The two ways to bet

In this world of betting there are two ways to do it: gambling by betting on the “felling” only, and betting rationally

In gambling, one should look for excitement and fun, nothing more, this is what bookmakers sell, excitement.
This method of betting (almost) always results in the total destruction of the bank and in successive deposits. If this is what we are looking for we must take into account that the risk of losing all the money is very high and the most certain is that it disappears.

We must set a maximum amount to spend for a certain period of time, the amount only each one can define it because it will be directly related to the available capital of the same.

In the second method described by me, we bet to make a profit. For this it is necessary to bet in a rational way, as rational as possible.
First of all it is necessary to register to register all our bets, all our movements in a more detailed way possible, all the bets made, the markets of the same, the odds, championships, only thus registering everything to the detail we can see where we have advantage and where our errors are, so that we can correct them.
It has to be clear what our sport, our market, our championship.
Some are good at tennis, others at bascket, others dominate various sports, others dominate handicaps, unders / overs, and so on. It’s where we are strong that we have to bet. If we stick to betting on something that we have a clear disadvantage this starts to turn to gambling. There must be discipline!
After finding our market, our “area” where we will act, we will study it. This requires obtaining information as much as possible.
It is crucial to know the true meaning of information. Information is data capable of removing uncertainty, helping us to make a decision. By taking into account data that do not constitute information we are equating something that besides not being useful to us makes our final decision less correct and accurate.
After the decision made, the prognosis made, we have to bet so that we have value in our bet.

Without value it is not worth betting, it will only be negative for us.

If we are going to bet on the victory of a team, take a risk therefore the investment have to justify the risk run. Finding real value on a bet is the most difficult and complex in this betting world, but that’s what will make all the difference.
If we look for EV + we can only bet on that. It is not worth anything to bet without the value of our side, we can be hitting some prognostics, but in the long term this will lead us to an EV-, or precisely the opposite path.
Once we find our EV + strategy we have to adapt it to a banking management method.

Banking management will dictate a large part of our success. It must be adjusted according to the manner of each one, fulfilling norms that allow us safety in case of a “bad run”.

Banking management is meant to make sure that if things go wrong for a while we will not lose our bankroll, and if things are going well, it will give us more profit. There are many different methods of banking management, it is just each one choosing what suits him best.
Having said all this is enough for each one to choose the path that wants to follow, whatever the chosen one must be carried out with responsibility, taking into account that it is a dangerous world where sometimes we are close to the abyss and we do not repair, and with discipline, because only then can we achieve our goals.

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