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The Pros and Cons of betting on a legalized house

The ApostaGanha, with this article goes to the meeting to clarify many of the doubts that are hovering in the general panorama of Portuguese bettors.
Since our regulator began issuing licenses to online bookmakers, many gamblers feel somewhat discouraged and others are limited. BetGanha analyzed the feedback of the bettors in general and refers in analysis in this article of the true pros and cons in betting on a legalized house or not.

Negative aspects

The Odds: We all knew that the odds offered by legalized houses would be much lower than what is available in the legalized market. The Portuguese bettor here may feel a bit “injured”, and in comparison the difference is accentuated.
Markets available: Recent bookmakers have not opened with many market options for each game. Normally and in general, they opted for the traditional Money Line, the Overs / Unders goals and here and there the European corner market and Handicaps. Recently, was launched in the Asian handicaps, we think it will be a beautiful bet of this house that claims to be innovative.
Competitions / Championships available: Some bookmakers do not cover the general sports panorama. On the one hand the regulator still does not allow to make available American sports, like MLB and NHL.
On the other hand, even in football, unlike the illegal houses, some championships are lacking, where many of the bettors specialized, because they were difficult and with some degree of difficulty of information for the houses, allowed a greater profitability by bet to the punter.
Commissions: Undoubtedly here may also be the Achilles heel for a bettor. Raising commissions may deter anyone. BetGanha believes that this condition can be perfectly overcome.
Some houses for example allow a withdrawal, without commissions, per month in the case of Betclic. Another such as, a minimum amount per withdrawal. We believe that for some beginning bettors you can be a “headache” but with our help, the gains will come and it will be easy to get around this situation.

Positive aspects

Disputes between bookmaker and bettor: We think that this is for now the cause that jumps in the face of the positive aspects of betting on a regulated house. In illegal houses we are “alone” against the house, here and now, regulated, we will always have the regulator where we can assert our point of view and report some irregularity.
For the gambler this is undoubtedly an added value and a security he has never had before. The law defends the gambler not only on the slope of responsible gambling but also to prevent any home from obeying the requirements that could harm their customers.
Self-exclusion: It will be one of the most careful aspects of the new law, where lawmakers took the utmost care. Here a bettor who feels “addicted” can self-exclude himself, also using our SRIJ regulator, and make it easier to stay away from gambling and avoid greater evils.
Financial / Taxation: The bettor can be completely rested, because when betting on a legalized house, he is obliged to send his gains to the finances. Thus the bettor will not have to declare anything in IRS. This applies only to values lower than those inscribed in the Personal Income Tax Act.
Data protection of the bettor: Another positive aspect, the bookmaker, according to the new Law, will have to “lock” the data of its client / bettors to seven keys. As you know the bettor when registering in a house has to send a series of data, such as copies and citizen’s card number, NIF, addresses and contact numbers and email.
Unlike a non-legalized home, this data could “fall” into the wrong hands, here this situation is more than safeguard by our regulator, and the law well defines this requirement to issue an operating license.


The BetGanha by way of conclusion has analyzed in some of the main details of the pros and cons in betting on a legalized house. The conclusion is simple and we want to want one thing to be certain and notorious, the Gambler is certainly more protected.
That’s why we always consider this an added value in this “virtual” world where many are suspicious of the veracity of the companies that are behind a page available on the web.

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