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The duplication of betting accounts is something that was seen long before the creation of the game law, because when we talk about the duplication of accounts means that people create many accounts with different names but it is handled by only one person. This is done in order to take advantage of the promotions and bonuses, but now that the game law has been created, it can not be done now, since the accounts must be verified before a withdrawal can be made.

It is also true that verification is done to avoid this, in addition to the fact that bonuses and promotions are made so that only one can be claimed by postal address and IP address, which upon finding out the bookmakers suspected of duplication of accounts, these will be canceled immediately.

Therefore, to avoid this kind of activities, certain rules are set, so what is sought is for people to make good use of their betting accounts, that is why we emphasize this so often, we must know how to use our accounts to avoid being sanctioned and banned for life by many bookmakers around the world, and thus also be able to avoid losing our money invested in these sites without any need.

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