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The bets in 2018 – Portugal

This time we are going to discuss what awaits us in 2018 betting level, we will speak in the specific case of Portugal, and we will pass through Europe and the rest of the world in a following article!
Initially we started by addressing the question of Portugal and what to expect from sports betting in our country.
We will later address the future of betting in a more global way, let alone talk about what is done abroad and what to expect in 2018 abroad.
We will divide in several articles, but now we start with the one that does not say more respect, Portugal.
Well, a lot was expected in 2017, and let’s say I was really disillusioned that there were no more players in the sports betting market, and some who entered just went to the Casino for example.
In 2017 we also obtained the hybrid homes, many opted for this option or strand in the Portuguese market. Covering sports betting, and also taking advantage of the Casino and online casino games.
We can not forget that Poker is present and licensed in Portugal online, and let’s say it was even in late 2017 that we got the main novelty, the shared liquidity …
This situation only confirmed itself in December, allowing countries that enter into this agreement between countries such as Portugal, Italy, Spain and France to share their liquidity. The houses are now missing, and it has already been shaken up, especially houses that are operating in several regulated countries that belong to the agreement.
I believe that in 2018 and at this point we can have the main “scramble” or better news. We should certainly have news of the houses applying to be able to operate under these special conditions.
Poker may even be the main thing in 2018, as the steps taken and the recent news, we can see for example Pokerstars one of the candidates to be one of the first to obtain this special license for shared liquidity. There is only one detail to solve, but we want this small stone in the shoe to be overcome in the first months of 2018.

Let’s say that there for the summer we can see Poker taking the first steps in shared liquidity in Portugal.

This brings me to a point, I believe that 2018 we can begin to “dream”, since the shared liquidity is taking the first steps and if it succeeds, I want to believe that we can have news of houses that offer this type of product, Trading?
Well, I do not even know if I have the courage to cause heartbeats in the hearts of Portuguese traders, but if liquidity in Poker succeeds, I believe what steps will be taken in that direction. Now will Betfair want to enter a regulated market? In shared liquidity only in certain countries? Does Betfair have the necessary logistics or an interest in implementing them to meet the requirements?
Well, they are answers that I would like to give you, but I do not have any contact like Betfair, nor do I have the slightest idea of ​​what’s going on in the minds of the company’s CEO. But the only thing I know, is that they know that the Portuguese market can be important. Let’s see the Betfair itself has someone in Portugal its representative and I want to believe that many are those who looked good to return to the Trading.
Being very sincere a happy ending for the Trading, I do not believe that it is already in 2018, but I believe that by the end of the year, after the success or not in the Poker, we can have news.
All this situation leads me to think, and then …. The other bookies that had been advertised for some time and that suddenly the news seems to be “ironed out”?
Well I’ll start with the one with the serious news, SCML announced to go online, PLACARD version online, or something different, we do not know but if entering will be to “kill” the market. SCML has formed and formed a company and a company, but only in this way can it be regulated in bets through our regulator SRIJ, in order to exploit the online market.
As we have had concrete evidence of this upcoming possible online entry, let’s say we can expect news in this regard. PLACARD online, another format is my only doubt, but sure that by the end of 2018 we will have SCML to go online.
Well, just a little, the current and still president of SCML has now applied for the presidency of the Portuguese political party – PSD, and obviously his attention is centered on this candidacy and in future to be Prime Minister of Portugal, in the next elections.
Well it’s something I do not like to talk about, it’s about politics, but let’s just say that the competition is fierce by the party leadership (PSD) but I believe that with all this, the roles may be standing on the desk until this question is resolved.
Well with this it costs me to advance with a forecast of the exit of the SCML for online, but if Santa Lopes wins, somebody later will make the decision, but it will be much later. In this scenario, estico and much, there towards the end of 20

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