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Oct 03

Applies to odds when the bettor perceives that a bet is more likely to be successful than the odds indicate. To find out the probability that expresses decimal odds, you only have to divide 100 between the odds.

The value of a sports bet is something very personal, closely linked to the use of the stake we have and, above all, to the share of the bet in particular. There are many opinions on this topic, from those who say that odds of 1.01 has value to those who say that odds of less than 2 does not have a value.

As we can see, each one thinks differently as to what has value or not. As there is no master formula with which to find out if a bet has a value or not, we will simply explain what the term value is and how to decide for ourselves if a bet has a value or not.

The stake applied to a bet is linked to the value that we see because, in some way, if you believe that a bet is worth the stake you dedicate to that bet must be greater than that of another that you think has less value.

The value depends on the odds

It is also very linked to odds because the fact that a bet has value or not depends basically on the odds of the same. We can see, for example, that Real Madrid will easily win at Atletico de Madrid, but the fact that we add or not will depend on the odds that bookmakers put on Real Madrid’s victory.

If the victory of Real Madrid is placed, for example, in odds of 1.20 we can think that it is too low a fee to be worth the risk, while if for example put it at 1.50 we can think that it has something of value and that, if they put it in 1.80, it has a lot of value and you have to enter it yes or yes, even with stake 1, since the possibilities that we give to the victory of Real Madrid are much greater than those given by the bookmaker.


As I said at the beginning, the value of a bet is something very personal that depends on each one, but a key to get the most out of bets and find the highest possible value of a bet is to have an account and some money in all possible bookmakers, since odds almost always vary from bookmaker to bookmaker and can reach large differences, which in the long run can tip the balance between making money or losing it.

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