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Half time/Final Score

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Sep 28

In the half time/final score bets, the player has to hit the team that goes ahead at the break and the one that wins at the end of the game. It is a double bet we can make in football and other very popular sports.

More and more bettors are looking for markets beyond the traditional bets to 1X2, goalscorer or handicaps, and one of those that have triumphed are theĀ half time/final score bets. It is an interesting market, with an acceptable risk and in which we can find excellent odds, especially when the difference between the two teams that face is great but not abysmal. Beyond football, we also find it in basketball, rugby, American football, handball, water polo, etc., offering us more chances to win.

What does the half time/final score mean?

Half time/final score sports bets are a double bet to the 1X2 market at half time and at the end of the game. Put another way, you have to guess who will go on the break and who will win the final win. It is a bet that we find in premature markets, there are 9 possibilities and the odds increase at the same time as the changes in the outcome of the game. Thus, the odds for the 1/1 will be lower than that for the 1 / X, although the 1/2 will be much higher.

Imagine that the Spanish national team plays against Italy. We have 9 options: Spain wins at half and in the end, Spain wins at halftime and draw at the end, Spain wins at halftime and Italy wins at the end, draw at halftime and draw at the end, draw at halftime and Spain wins at the end, draw at rest and Italy wins in the end, Italy wins at rest and in the end, Italy wins at halftime and draw at the end or Italy wins at halftime and Spain at the end.

Tips to bet to half time/final score

The half time/final score is a good market if you know how to read and interpret the game and what you can give. Next we will see a series of tricks to bet on half time/final score, tips that you can apply to get the most out of your bets:

It offers better odds than the 1X2 when there is a clear favorite, which probably leaves the game sentenced to rest. We must value entering this market.
Check the statistics before betting. They are not guarantee of anything, but there are teams with a clear tendency to start well and sink at the end or start loose and win in the 2nd part.
The teams of the lower middle zone are more irregular, which means higher odds although it is also more difficult to bet on the development of the game.
X / 1 or X / 2 against teams that defend well, for example when the local has to overcome in a tie or when the visitor is favorite in his visit to a small team. If there is a team in front that knows how to defend the first 45 minutes, you can take good odds.
Close bet in the 2nd part. Most bookies offer the option to cash out, and if the odds are good and you see that the bet is in danger you can always close it to ensure profits. This possibility also allows you to take more risks when gambling.

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