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How are football bets won?

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Jul 17

Betting on logic. While surprises exist in football, logic is more reliable. Many times we must think that money is not made from one day to the next. By betting on events with a fair logic we will see how our profits increase.
We can always throw some euros for hunches. But remember, profit is built from logic.

Of course, this type of odds are not the most seductive. So, where is the money? Well here we present some options.
For example bet on the player who will open the scoreboard or who will simply score in the match.
Another option a little more risky is to try to guess the amount of goals that will mark the team that wins or even the exact result of the game.

If all these options seem very gimmicky there is always the possibility of making combined bets.
That is, we can, for example, if Real and Barça play games that are accessible, betting combined for their victories, and in this way we will multiply the dividends. We can take the eye to other encounters “sung” but of course, we must bear in mind that in the event of only a surprise, our bet will go overboard and with it our money.

Also in the event that the meetings are very uneven we have handicap bets in which the weak team receives an advantage when betting on their favor. This makes encounters that a priori seem unattractive at the time of betting become interesting.

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