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Sure bets, also known as “arbitrage”, consist of betting on all the possible outcomes of an event and win in any case, taking advantage of the different odds in different bookmakers. To do it, you do not need to know anything about sports, it’s simply a mathematical question. A quick way to calculate it in, for example, a football game is to divide 10 (or any number, this is the total amount that we will win, “we will risk” a close amount) between what is paid for each of the results and add them, if you give less than 10, this is a safe bet. The result you give us for each sign is the amount that we must enter.

Ex: 10 / odds of 1 + 10 / odds of the X + 10 between odds of 2.

For cases of 2 possible outcomes, for example, a tennis match, over / under in soccer, etc. It is easier to see when these situations occur, and you can even make a table of equivalencies back / lay to use in exchange bookmakers and that will also serve to check if we are facing a safe bet.

Also in many websites it is possible to find calculators that facilitate the task, give the percentage of benefit and also indicate the amount to bet on each possible result.

There are also numerous pages that offer their services to find safe bets, of different prices and options, some of them free. Before paying, it is advisable to use the possibilities of testing the product.

To take advantage of these odds you need to have a large amount of money divided into many bookies. It is also a task that involves being too much time waiting for the computer.

Therefore, it is not easy money, not only for the time that it is necessary to use but for some characteristics of the bookmakers:

First, sometimes the odds that are offered may be the result of an error, especially when the percentage of profit is very high, and we can cancel the bet. In that case it is important to cover yourself, even losing money, as it does not compensate for the risk.
Second, some bookmakers change the odds with great speed and it may happen that at the same time of making the bet is no longer safe. We must act quickly and intelligently so that this does not happen to us.
Third and very important, the rules of the bets are not the same in all bookmakers and that can make us lose, make our surebet 100% unsecured and we all know Murphy’s laws. This aspect is obvious in most of the websites and forums when this topic is discussed and is fundamental. Therefore, to avoid disappointment, we must check, for example, how dropouts are valued in tennis matches, whether the extensions in each sport count or not, etc.
Fourth, it is better to use only recognized bookmakers. It is not worth risking losing our money to win a couple of euros with surebets of beach bars.

Particularly, I see surebets as a valid and quick way to clean bonuses or get some extra euros when there is little activity in the sports that interest us or we do not find good bets, but to make money there is no better method than betting well, with knowledge and head.

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