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With two proved only ones it seems to be easy, but the thing is complicated a bit when we face a football match with three possible ends. In this case, the method to continuing is very similar, but adding the possibility of the tie. Let’s consider to illustrate this situation the example of the Athletic of Bilbao against Valencia CF that we were mentioning more above. Again, we force in our equations that the prize in all the cases is the same. Thus:

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Consequently, if we decide to put again 10 eurillos to the Athletic, we will have to play the following thing in the complementary results:

Stake Joins = 10 x 2.2 / 4.1 = 5.37 Euros

Stake Valencia = 10 x 2.2 / 4.3 = 5.12 Euros

Definitively, let’s agree bets for value of 10 + 5.37 + 5.12 = 20.49 Euros. Let’s examine what happens in each of the possible results:

If he conquers the Athletic we obtain a prize of 2.2 x 10 = 22 Euros
If they tie, the prize is of 4.1 x 5.37 = 22.01 Euros
If it gains the Valencia the prize is of 4.3 x 5.12 = 22.01 Euros

We have in three cases prizes of 22 Euros; the smallest differences are owed to redondeos, with more decimals they disappear. The total incurred expenses are of 20.49. So it happens what happens, we obtain 1.51 Euros.

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