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Live betting or playing bets?

Who has not dreamed of living betting on sports that you are a fan of? It is an almost universal will. So universal that on facebook there are several dream sellers that offer sure bets, certain bets, consultancies, prognostics sale, among the most diverse services that promise to be possible to make money and survive sports betting.
The first bad news I’m going to give you is that 99% of these fan pages are lies, sham, they just want to rip their money and then disappear. Many of them only update the results after the games, fake records, disappear after you paid, in short, the vast majority are scammers and scammers. So if you dream of living on sports betting or at least earning some money in betting you need to dedicate yourself and not wait for someone to sell you magic beans.

Do not Believe in Magic Beans

There are several types of bettors and I’m not talking about the modalities like trader, punter, etc. But the way to approach the universe of sports betting. This is the first one you should decide:

1. The recreational gambler – this type of bettor does not care much about informing about absences or embezzlement in the team, game conditions or latest news. Banking management is also secondary. The interest of this type of bettor is as it indicates his terminology to have fun, to see a game with a made bet and to clear some money, but the act of betting is not based on a professional methodology or an analytical rigor. This type of bettor, who is the majority in the universe of sports betting, prioritizes the ludic part of online betting, wants to see his heart team, a derby, national team, a big match, etc .;
2. The professional gambler – Forget whether or not you will live betting. Professional bettors can distinguish themselves by approaching the universe of sports betting in a professional way with methodology, rigor, seriousness and study. For these is not a form of fun but rather to extract the maximum profit that sports betting can offer you. Therefore, concepts such as value, papper betting, bankroll management, incessant search for information are common protocols of this type of bettor.
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Professional vs Amateur – differences in method

It goes without saying that neither form is right or wrong nor is it better or worse. They are different ways that each one has to approach sports betting. No one is required to be a recreational or professional gambler. Both are perfectly understandable.
Just one caveat, if you want to be a recreational bettor, it’s no use expecting professional results from betting.
Sports betting will give you what exactly you will give them.
So, have fun, have fun, but do not expect more.
Being a recreational or professional gambler has nothing to do with surviving or not betting. Of course all those who survive betting are professionals but not necessarily every professional has to survive exclusively from betting. This is a very common mistake analysts make. Professionalism is about a professional approach and what your goal is with sports betting.
And how do you approach the universe of sports betting?

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