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How to get Profits in Football Betting in Portugal

After our last Podcast, there were many requests for it to explain how it was doing to make a profit in Portugal.

First of all, to say that to make a profit depends always on the perspective of each one, but the accounts are easy to do, even if it is a euro difference, it is always profit for me.
Now that you realize if the “spent” time on the bets may or may not be profitable, but that’s another story. Obviously we all like to see every minute income spent on sports betting.
I have no science whatsoever to be able to “get away” from the minimalist oddities that the houses in Portugal offer me, these are soon condemned to be always like that.
It honestly costs to see what they offer out there comparing with what they offer us inside, and here we can do nothing.
We all know by the accounts that we have been doing right at the beginning of the regulation, that to make a profit in Portugal, we have to make up about 80% of all the bets we make.
This is already a great handicap, and this does not protect us against any draw, but it does force us to be different and to change our paradigm in the bets.

I advise anyone who chooses to be profitable in Portugal to forget all the theories that are out there, since these will never have future in the regulated market

Portuguese. Fair Lines or Caesar Lines, betting on early market’s, cash out with puntrading, it’s all good theories out there, for the unregulated markets, in Portugal everything is already more than “Fair” and the odds have already opened “kneaded “So forget it!
I will then try to explain how I do to be profitable, at least take advantage of the past time looking at the bets nowadays.
First, I had to totally change my way to “get value” my EV + became minimalist for example.
Sometimes I do not even look at the odds as long as they are above 1.50 and this is already my first rule that I share for you. In simple bets I only go on odds above 1.50.
But I am now going to share how I put myself in the market and try to get some money from’s and betclic’s from this Portugal.
I make simple, multiple bets and I’ll get value from LIVE!
I will divide by topics, each of these approaches.

Single bets:

As I have said in simple bets, sometimes they force me to look at the odds, it also forces me to have to analyze more games I once analyzed.
First rule is the odds that “like” in the pre live in simple bets, yes odds of 1.50 is my limit.
If it is below that, I move on to the next phase of this specific game, for multiple bets, where I will see if I can combine with another bet, but we are already going.
When betting more increase my risk of making mistakes, that’s for sure, that’s where my selection of games comes in, and that’s where I am in the games and the leagues I’m with, minimizing the risk as much as I can, and if I can.
Another thing I do is that I can not move for the day’s gains, or the week, because they are minimal, and sometimes I do not look at the numbers until the end of the month, otherwise it will force me to get into more games and to expose me even more to my bank.
Stakes, well, here’s where the point may be, in my simple bets my stakes are higher than they should be.
Yes I know I am going against everything that is taught and should be done, but how do I withdraw value even eaten by the odds if I do not increase my exposure?
The harder I had to figure out and deal with, it will be the hardest part to explain as well, sometimes the stakes can tinker the bank a little by leveraging it or decimating it.
In theory all this is NOT to be done, yes I know, but if I can minimize the error, I may be taking the risk for certain, being aware that I can also lose a lot.

Everything is a risk, and the bets too!

So in short, in my simple bets, I flee to all that is taught, but “I hang myself” in my experience and the insight that the years have given me.
Multiple bets
I have already said that this was my second way of extracting value from a mine with little ore.
When I study games and in which I decide for some market and the odds are very low (less than 1.50) together with others, pairing them thus obtaining higher odds and using only one stake.
Well it seems like I’m not saying anything new, but sometimes just this way I can extract some value and pay for the time I throw back from the study and the betting.
So how do I do, first together an odd that I consider the right type, my reference bets, the one I think will be won for sure. Together it with another game with a slightly higher odd.
So I can put the two most profitable games and put a stake just without letting me eat at the lowest odds and having to raise my stakes and automatically expose myself to the game.
The multiples must always take into account and enjoy games at the same time, so that they can have a sense of how the bet is running, and of course they can close it manually if necessary and if they succeed.
Advice only, do not use very low odds, type 1.14, try to use odds above 1.27; 1.28 like that odd of that bet safer for you. Then add another one slightly higher since they get a good odd of 1.62; 1.68 around that. Evaluate this risk vs possible gains.
I do not triple, it’s very rare indeed, because I think it’s too much for me, if I have to do it, it’s better to make the “famous scratch card” and put together some good teams and get a higher stake and stake a little stake.

Live betting

This was my last phase that I had to solve to try to squeeze more the existing market in Portugal. I confess that I am not the best “expert” of the bets on Live, but I have seen a lot and I have already learned to see many to “work” this added value.
I started very slowly with small stakes, and I notice that this is how it should be done. So I always enjoyed the games I had studied and get into those games.
Here I use my Fair Line, I hope the house puts the line at the price they put out there and I enter the market. Seeing the game makes all the difference and observing well the incidences of the game. I confess that I see and leave soon after making my bet, superstitions!
Something that is confusing to me is the VAR in some games of the league NOS, we get all the speculation that was scored and then it is annulled, anyway! The houses sometimes only pick up the market after some time, and with that the odds do not even move in that space of time.
In Live betting it is necessary to “grow” one thing I had the most to learn is to be as calm as possible, and sometimes to put up with the odd value that we want. Sometimes I even go ahead of the PC so I do not make mistakes and get in early than I want.
I confess that it is the most difficult and I know that it is not my beach, but with training I finally managed to be more “calm” and enter only when I want and the odd that I want.
Lack of talk of the stakes I use in Live, it would be silly if I put Stakes bigger than the ones I do in simple, because I know right away that in Live I make more mistakes than in Pre Live. So my Stake takes a radical cut and just put the value that interests me to achieve that odd.
Basically it will be just this, I had to adapt and the only thing I did was to monetize 3 times the games I study. I simply use Live’s multiple and simple to have 3x more income than if I were to bet normally.
I have to be honest, I have games that things do not go well, and then you can say that I have 3x more chances to go on a perch. Yes, it is true and it has already happened to me. But then I try to react in the same way as when I lose a simple in pre-live with an average stake that is moving on and getting out of a bad run.
Basically the process that I used, will simply seek a multiplication of the time invested in betting and spread by the 3 options that the houses give me to bet – Pre Live, Live and multiple.
My example I did not have to be yours, but one thing is certain, whatever method is used, we are always more exposed to risk and “wear” our bank.
Another thing I also noticed, is that if we do a lot of Live’s I start getting tired and we start to see things wrong sometimes and I advise not to abuse Live’s
I repeat, use and abuse but do not forget and be very careful, do as I calmly experiment with ridiculous stakes up and gain confidence.
If this is the ideal method to be a winner in Portuguese odds, no, it is not, but it is certain that I try to minimize and adapt to what the market offers me at the moment.

It has not been easy and this method has been tested for some time, and I can say that things do not go so badly!

It scares me when I compare, if I were to do the same with foreign odds, and then I get a bit discouraged, but let’s see what the future holds for us.
Well I hope you liked it, today we went a bit looking for solutions or rather a solution that “I created” to try to get minimum monetization in the time that I bet on online betting and football in particular.
I hope you have enjoyed it and I am here for future questions that you want to ask with doubts or even help, they are always welcome!

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