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The betting bonuses have always existed to attract new customers to online sports bookmakers, although all this related to the welcome offers if it is true that it has suffered enough changes and worse during the last times, because not so much the amounts of money that can be obtained as a new user have changed, if not that they have changed especially the conditions or requirements to collect that money in addition to the operation of this type of promotions.

The truth is that the operation of betting bonuses or welcome promotions when it comes to sports betting has never been too complicated, but what is happening now is that not only are betting bonuses offered, but also that they are offered what are known as free bets or freebets, and the operation of them is different to the bonuses even though both are welcome offers for new customers.

To begin we must make it clear that people who want to open an account and start betting on the Internet, will always offer some kind of incentive that is known as a welcome offer for new users or new customers; within those welcome promotions, welcome bonuses have always been given to new bettors, but for some time now there have been welcome bonuses as well as free bets or freebets, which is what they call it on some pages.

It is important that new bettors who do not know how bookmakers work and how bonuses work, let them know that in some bookmakers you can offer free bets / freebets as a new user but the sports bookmaker tells you that is giving away a welcome bonus when it is not a bonus but free bets or freebets; This is done by bookmakers knowing that it is not true, but let’s say that inexperienced users do not know the difference between bonuses and free bets / freebets then they do not realize it.

The operation of the welcome bonuses as we have said is quite simple, because the person who opens an account and makes the first deposit in your account will receive in exchange a percentage of money on the amount entered, which is usually 100% up to an amount maximum determined; For example, if the bookmakers that offer a bonus give it 100% up to € 150, it means that if that person deposits between € 10 and € 150, they will receive the same amount of free money up to the maximum of € 300 in their account. .

When that bettor has received that free money then he must know that this free amount can be charged and that it is real money, but before charging he has to fulfill a series of conditions called rollover or betting requirements; generally these conditions have to do with betting a number of times determined the money entered, the money received as a bonus or the sum of the income plus the bonus; If a bookmaker establishes the rollover in betting 8 times the deposit and that player has received 150 € of bonus, it means that that person if he wants to collect the free money will have to bet 1.300 € for that amount is released and to be able to charge it.

Another aspect that should be kept in mind about the functioning or of these welcome bonuses that can be charged, is that in the requirements or rollover the bookmaker always establishes minimum odds to fulfill it for example of 1.80, and this means that in the previous example, the user has to bet € 1,300 on odds bets 1.80 or higher to be able to withdraw that money for free; also what happens is that to meet those conditions and bet those € 1,300 it turns out that some type of bet in particular may be prohibited or do not count to achieve that rollover, usually greyhound racing, horses and some markets in football matches.

Regarding the operation of the other type of welcome promotion that is free bets, it should be thought that it works differently because to begin the free money that is received only serves to bet and can not be cashed, besides the free money does not It is usually received when the deposit is made, but it is usually received after fulfilling the conditions. The differences are that the free money given can not be collected and is not received until the conditions are met, while in the bonuses if it can be cashed and received in an integrated manner after making the first deposit in the account.

To understand free bets one should think that when a sports bookie offers this type of promotion known as freebets, one should think that if a bookmaker gives 100 € in free bets, the most normal thing is that he can receive up to a maximum of 100 € free in € 10 tranches; this saying otherwise means that every € 10 that the user bets will receive another € 10 free after each bet until adding the maximum amount of € 100 in freebets or free bets.

When the bettor has received as in the previous example € 100 in free bets in the form of 10 free bets of € 10, what happens is that this money can not be charged as in the welcome bonuses, otherwise you will have to bet and it can only collect the profits that it has been able to generate, being the main difference with respect to the welcome bonds where all the gift money is susceptible to be withdrawn.

To understand the example correctly, what we want to say is that if someone receives a free bet or € 10 freebet you can not withdraw it, but you have to re-bet that amount, and if that user bets the € 10 free of charge. freebet in a bet of 3.00 and the correct then you can collect the profits that you can withdraw € 20 because the € 10 wagered can not be withdrawn by not allowing the operation of this type of bets.

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