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Matched betting is a sort of mathematical guide that allows you to make money by transforming the bonuses of betting sites into real money. Each year the bookmakers distribute millions of euros in bonuses to push users to play on their portal. With matched betting it is possible, therefore, to transform these bonuses into real money and earn online up to € 500 a month working comfortably from home.

This betting strategy, used almost all over the world, cannot be defined as gambling as it does not involve risks: mathematical rules are simply applied which eliminate the random element and consequently allow you to earn with certainty.

Matched Betting reliability

If you think it is a scam, it is important to emphasize that matched betting is a completely legal, tried and tested method, as bettors are free to use their bonuses as they wish in compliance with the rules dictated by the bookmaker.

By betting on all the possible results of a game, any uncertainty is effectively eliminated. The only real risk is human error, for example, placing an incorrect bet. For this reason, it is important to carefully follow guides and instructions to start making money safely!

How much you can earn with Matched Betting

Earnings depend on how fast you become and how long you can devote to the business.
Small but steady gains are possible, but also higher figures allowing to create a kind of profession.

And it is worth noting that the gambling industry’s earnings are currently tax-free (in reality they are taxed at source)!

How Matched Betting works

First of all, it is not necessary to know all the betting terminology, but it is important to know two fundamentals that allow matched betting to work, i.e. the Back / Lay bets:

Back bet

Bet that a certain result comes true. For example “I bet Italy will win”

It is the classic bet that you probably already know and consists of betting on the occurrence of a result. For example, if you bet 10 euros at 1.50 on winning Italy in the Italy-France match, the possible outcomes will be:

– Italy wins: you will collect the bet amount multiplied by the odds (in our example you will collect € 15 – € 5 compared to the gain and the € 10 wagered).
– Italy loses or draws: in this case, you will lose the amount wagered that is the euro.

The difference with a normal sports bet is that the bet is not against the bookmaker but against another user of the bag (who bets on a different result of the game in question).

Lay bet

Bet against a certain result. For example, “I bet Italy won’t win.”

It is the bet that you will place against your bet. When you bank you are operating as a betting site and can only do so on the betting exchange platforms.

In this scenario, the bettor will maintain the position of a bookmaker: he will be able to offer the bet to another user, setting the odds and the maximum limits to be wagered.

If you bank € 10 on winning Italy at odds of 1.50, you are betting that Italy will not win.

The possible outcomes are:

Italy wins: and therefore your bet loses and at odds 1.5 you will lose 5 euros.
Italy loses or draws: you win 10 euros that are the amount you have banked exactly like a normal betting site.

Basically, whoever decides to be the Back is the user who bets in the traditional way, buying the odds offered not by the bookmaker but by other users.

Who decides to be the Lay is the user who takes on the role of the bookmaker and therefore the risk that an event occurs, offering odds to other users. This is why the Betting Exchange is called this way: the platform combines the supply and demand of those interested in betting on an event and who offers odds for that particular event.

Here are some steps to guide you to better use matched betting:

Sign up to Betfair

Compared to other betting sites, Betfair offers interesting alternatives to the common betting system. It allows, in fact, to bet against other people with “back” and “lay” bets.

Here, for example, back bets and their odds are always marked in blue.

Use decimal odds

Whichever bookmaker you are using, be sure to view the decimal odds for easy comparison with

If you can’t see the decimal odds, you can convert the odds from fractional to a decimal using a tool or by running a simple formula.

Find and place your qualifying bet

The qualifying bet is the amount you will have to bet to unlock the bonus. Generally, it is better to bet on a very high odds.

Once you have placed your bet on the bookmaker who offered you the bonus, run to the betting exchange platform and place a totally opposite bet.

To do this, it will be necessary to BANK the same result you bet on the book that offered you the bonus.

A practical example, to help you understand.

1. The Eurobet Bookmaker offers me a bonus on my gaming account.

2. I decide to bet on Italy’s victory and invest the bonus money

3. On the Betting Exchange platform, BANK wins Italy, that is, I bet on a non-victory for the Azzurri

In this way, whatever the final result of the race, we would have obtained a safe profit thanks to the fact that one of the two bets we placed it with the bonus offered by the bookmaker!

Matched betting considerations
To make consistent and continuous gains, some things are necessary:

Open various game accounts on various betting sites to use as many bonuses and promotions as possible
Choose carefully when to register with a bookmaker. In some periods of the year, or in conjunction with major events (such as the World Cup), bookmakers are generally more generous
You have to read carefully the conditions of the bonuses offered by bookmakers to avoid unpleasant surprises. Often the winnings from bets placed with bonus funds are not immediately withdrawable but must be risked a number of times before being able to request their withdrawal.
Even when choosing the odds you must be very careful! Obviously, it is convenient to find events for which the odds of the traditional bookmaker and the betting exchange do not differ greatly. The ideal situation is one in which we aim for a higher share than the one we serve, but this situation of guaranteed advantage (also called surebet) is very difficult to find.

The advantages of the Betting Exchange
The reasons why most professionals use the betting exchange are different.

The odds on single bets are higher than traditional bookmakers
With the “Cash Out” function, it adds the possibility to close a game in advance to profit from it or to limit the loss
The user will have the opportunity to act as a real Bookmaker, offering his shares to other users

It is even possible to profit from a bet before the event starts. In short, the Betting Exchange manages to give the user greater control over their bets

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