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Golf is a sport born in the fifteenth century originating in Scotland where pastors were entertained hitting stones with sticks to reach a goal.

With time the golf became a sport of aristocrats and the sticks were perfected constructing these of diverse metals according to the distance to which it wanted to hit the ball. Also, more precise rules were established and the goal became a hole while the first golf courses were created.

It is practiced outdoors, in a field of natural grass divided into 18 streets or holes, so called because each contains a hole. The holes are arranged numerically in most cases, sometimes taking another name based on the characteristics of that street.

To start each street (hole from now on), players occupy a small area of very short grass called the tee from which the first tee shot is thrown. The tee takes its name from the small element (called tee) that is stuck in the ground and on which the ball is placed. This element is only usable at the tee shot.

The route from the tee to where the hole is divided into fairway (area of grass cut), and the rough (rougher and neglected terrain). Players try to avoid entering the rough at all costs to facilitate their next hit.

The hole is located in the green one (green in English), characteristic zone for being of shorter grass and to be more smoothed. A flag of 2 meters high is placed in the hole so that players can see from a distance the location of the hole and its distance.

To add difficulty to the game, in addition to natural vegetation, different traps are usually added, especially in the vicinity of the green. These traps consist of holes of sand or grass called bunkers, and are of variable depth. There are also water hazards, although they are less frequent than bunkers.

A golf course consists of 18 holes which must be completed in an established order. The result obtained will be determined by the number of strokes needed to put the ball in each hole, the total result being the sum of all the hits given in each of the 18 partial. Thus, the lowest score achieved will be better.

The first blow of each hole is always a strong blow to bring the ball as close as possible to the hole. There are holes of three, four, and five strokes, called holes of par three, par four, or par five. In the par three, usually try to reach the green in the first shot, however, in the remaining holes will require two or three strong shots for this.

Once on the green, the ball is tapped gently with a special stick called a putter, with the objective that the ball comes rolling until it enters the hole. If the player manages to introduce the ball in the number of strokes of the pair, he will have fulfilled the pair of the hole. If a player completes a hole by a blow below par, he has made a birdie. If it is two strokes below the pair, it will be called an eagle, and if it is three below the pair, it will be albatross. On the contrary, if the hole is completed with a blow above the pair, it will be called bogey, if it is two more strokes it will be double bogey, and so on. The fact of putting the ball in the hole in the first shot is called hole in one, or hole in one.

There are several game modes to determine the winner.

In Match Play mode (at 9 or 18 holes), the winner of each hole receives a point regardless of the number of strokes needed to complete it. In the end, the one that has won the most holes wins.

In the Medal Play mode, all the strokes of all the holes are added, giving as a winner to those who have completed the course in fewer strokes.

There is also the Stableford system, where one point is awarded to players who bogey, two to those who complete the hole in par, three to those who do birdie, and successively. In no case are points deducted. The winner is the one who gets the most points along the route.

Therefore, the sports bets referring to golf depends a lot on the competition in which we find ourselves, due to the multiple different rules that are applied in each course.

A frequent bet is to bet the winner of each tournament since the characteristics of this sport allow even the favorite players to reach large odds. This is the most frequent bet in bookmakers.

According to the bookmaker in which we find ourselves we can access a wider range of golf bets. In addition to the winner of a tournament, we can also bet on the British, European, Scandinavian, American, or from another place in the world, better positioned in the tournament. We can also bet if a player will finish in the top 10 or 5 depending on the number of participants in the competition.

Many golf competitions are divided into several rounds in which a score is necessary to pass the cut and pass the round. Some bookmakers offer us the possibility to bet if a certain player passes the court.

We can also bet on the best placed player after each round of shooting.

There are tournaments in which countries or continents compete among them. In these cases you can bet on which continent or country the tournament will win.

Since it is a slow developing sport, it is not very common to see it in the live betting sections of the most common bookmakers. However, if we encounter one from time to time. In these cases we can bet on the number of strokes that a specific player will need to insert the ball into the hole.

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