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The rules, the types of bets, the many strategies, the statistics of a thousand pages I take for granted, studied and analyzed with the importance they deserve, but there are things that are not learned from a manual or a forum: free us from our greatest enemy .

The bookmakers? The combined ones? That referee that expels a player from the team we had put money into? Those two shots to the club that truncate an over? NO, far from it, that’s luck, you can not foresee, what if you can foresee is to fight against ourselves, our lack of coldness in the moment that the brain is clouded and the pocket takes the baton in search of a chimera , easy money. Now I, someone who made those mistakes in its beginnings, I am going to explain some small tricks and tips to avoid wasting our bankroll:

Keep track of our bets with the help of a post on a forum or blog. This avoids the futile attempt to take money in stupid lives of which we only know that the best is the one that has the least odds. In addition, the self-control derived from not wanting to look bad and in shame with other tipsters will be encouraged, which will force us to analyze and reason our bet. This control of the bets will favor the assignment of stakes (probability that we give to a bet and that is linked with the money that we bet). This will help us not to do the All In madness at low odds. Do not bet on LIVES events that we do not master or that we are not following. The odds are increased or decreased by default, therefore objective, seeing the sporting event gives us that subjective view of the event. Sometimes, do not put, for fear or distrust, money to certain bets, which then end up dating and intone the already known ” if I had bet … ”, but it is well done, do not bet unless we have everything to our favor, even a hunch is a reason not to bet, because most of the time it comes out negatively, although of course, we inton the ” that I am smart … ”. Do not try to recover the money lost in a bet or in a day. Keep betting normal, in a cautious way and if bad luck we lose everything, we take a break, this makes us reflect and analyze from the outside our mistakes and avoid that ghost of gambling addiction. With these tips I want to let you know some of my shortcomings and those of many bettors, if we follow these tips we can better manage our bankroll, and if there is luck, DETERMINING factor, we can earn money.

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