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Initially designed for horse racing, antepost bets are essentially early bets; that is carried out before the event. Weeks, months and in some cases even years before the event can be set. A good example for this case is the bet for who will be the nation that will win the soccer World Cup, usually made available shortly after the end of the previous World Cup.

It is important to note that in ante-post bets, the prediction takes into account the fact that the chosen team is actually qualified for the event in question. In this sense, it is a matter of knowing that some bookmakers consider the bet to be lost for the teams that failed to get which. Following this case, assuming that betting on Brazil as the next world champion and the South Americans are unable to play the World Cup, the bet can be canceled. As for this situation, there are operators who can return the money.

Types of antepost bets

The possibilities for making ante-post bets are different and are far from being confined to betting on the champion (‘Final Winner’). Some of which are the following: top scorer (of a tournament or group); relegation, qualification to an event and placement among the first three or six participants in an event; placement in the first or second half of the ranking; with how many points a team will win the championship; if a team is ahead of Christmas; titles that get a certain team during the season.

Pros and cons

The main advantage of this method is that, by betting ahead, the odds are generally higher and therefore more advantageous. This is particularly noticeable when it comes to favorites for the title, whose odds are logically more attractive before the tournament starts than when the team is leading, seven points ahead of the second. Furthermore, this system requires a high level of patience and the outcome of the bet will be much more forward in time than when it is placed.

This last modality is among the most known and popular among bettors. Among these stands out the possibility of betting on the overall result, which a priori is less risky than doing it match after game, even keeping a clear preferred reference. Furthermore, being a long-term bet decreases the influence of the case.

However, ante-post bets also have disadvantages. One of them is in the organization and proper management of the bank, as the money wagered is immobilized for a while, and in many cases, it is considerable. Furthermore, to be successful in this type of betting, a deep analysis of the circumstances of both the event and the chosen team must be carried out. And it is not just a study on the game itself, but could also be extended to the economic and institutional context. An alternative to counter this element is to cover the initial bet depending on what happens with the chosen team or player.

Rules and Suggestions

As mentioned above, the first important rule has to do with the participation or not of the chosen team: generally, if not involved, the houses consider the bet a loser. In another context, if the chosen event suffers a change of venue or other unforeseen events, the operator can cancel the bet, unless a specific regulation of this sport does not provide otherwise.

The main recommendation to succeed in this mode is to conduct a comprehensive and in-depth investigation of the event and each of the factors that revolve around the selected variant. Therefore, surely the probabilities of failure, which however are always ample in a long-term bet, will be reduced.

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