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What happens if a tennis match is suspended due to the abandonment of one of the participants?

Any self-respecting bettor will have ever found himself in the position of making a bet in the attractive world of tennis, and by taking a look at the results of live tennis contemplate that the game did not end due to the abandonment of one of the tennis players .

At that time we entered into a state of uneasiness, pondering what will happen to our money, wishing that the bookmaker “does not realize” that our tennis player has won by abandonment of the rival and reimburse us the profits for our “success”. Of course we can also be in the opposite sidewalk. That is to say, that the tennis player that we bet on is the one who has retired.

It’s time to bite your nails wondering if the bookie will keep our money or have mercy and give us the opportunity to find a better investment for those funds.

To avoid that suffering, here is a list of the most relevant bookmakers and their policy against the withdrawal of a tennis player.

Given this situation, bookmakers act in four different ways, which can be classified into the following groups:

1) Full match: the bet will only be valid if the match has been completed and no one has withdrawn during the match.

– William Hill

2) A set: after having finished a set of games, the player who is classified is the winner, either by defeating the opponent or by abandoning it. If you bet on Betfair, for example, you can see how the odds fall in favor of a tennis player when people see on television that their opponent suffers a sudden injury.

3) One point: just enough to play a point for the bet is valid.

– Bwin

Undoubtedly, this is a topic that generates controversy and logically has conflicting opinions. It is clear that everyone will look and analyze according to their own benefit, always. In any case and although there may be questionable issues, the bookmakers clarify this issue in a particular way so as not to leave doubts and avoid surprises.

At first glance, it gives the feeling that, in case of abandonment, the bets should be validated automatically and give a winner to who advances to the next round. In short, this is option 3, adopted at this time by Bwin.

Many times, the injuries of the players can be seen to come with some time before, something that can be very helpful to those who bet live. And here is the advice of always: do not bet live if you can not see the event in real time.

There are many factors to keep in mind regarding this situation. Undoubtedly, bettors who love tennis should have an account in a bookmaker of each group to always have all the alternatives in the preview of a game.

In short and beyond the policies of operators in this regard, users can not afford not to be informed. Although it sounds exaggerated, the information and the fact of watching the game while it is being played, can be decisive in order to achieve a result or avoid the loss of an investment.

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