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To gain sports bets with strategies, tactics and systems of bet

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Jun 01

Later I they present my strategy of value:One take a good source that informs one also about the distribution probabilística percentage on the basis of the statistics.

They take then the current quotas of his house or favorite exchange of bets (generally is the bookie in whose account of bets you have the majority of your Euros)

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Then it follows a comparison of the statistical percentages with the current quota. You turn simply a quota into percentages or upside-down, dividing yours 1/cuota resp. 1/porcentaje.

For example:
Celtic Saragossa 74 15 11 The quota of victory with Bet365, e.g. it is of 1,75 for Saragossa 1: 1,75 = 0,571 is equivalent aprox. to 57 % Is equivalent to a difference of 74 % – 57 % = 17 %

East 17 % is brought into play in agreement by Kelly’s strategy.

The brought into play one according to Kelly is:
Budget (e.g. 500 Euros) multiplied by 1/10 of the estimation of values (in this case 17 %, or, 0,17) divided by the quota less 1 (or in this case 1,75 – 1 = 0,75)

In our game itis equivalent then to 85 divided between 0,75 = 113,33 Euros of bet

Kelly’s strategy has the advantage of calculating the puttings precisely according to the probability and the active balance of the available bet nowadays.

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