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How to bet on basketball: betting guide and tips

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Jan 20

The adrenaline load, the changing character and the incessant rhythm that usually mark the essence of their games place basketball as an ideal gambling game. Fundamentally, in real-time, as it can be the most dynamic and entertaining experience. Without having the notoriety of soccer worldwide, it is undoubtedly one of the most popular sports on the planet.

It is likely that, universally, the NBA is the top league in terms of basketball. However, activity in Europe is as important as it is interesting. Continental competitions such as the Euroleague or the Eurocup are highly recognized and also exciting. Among selections, Eurobasket is an exciting tournament to bet on basketball, while the World Cup and the Olympic Games are the two most prestigious championships when it comes to selections.

What to bet on

Unlike what happens in other sports, there is no tie in basketball, so the possible results are reduced to two. Some markets available to bet on basketball: winner of the game, the margin of victory, if an extension is necessary, winner at the break and at the end, handicap and dotted line (more than / less than ‘X’ total number of points). In the latter case, a preset value is taken by the bookmaker as a reference to shape the traditional Over / Under bet.

Of course, the alternatives to bet on this sport do not end there. Other variants to play some chips in basketball: total points per team or total in the game (odd or even), double result, first to score 20 points, winner of time or quarter, total points that each team makes quarter. Of course, to boost emotions and add even more pepper to the adventure, live basketball betting is the right choice; for example, in the mission of guessing which team scores first in each room.

Tips and strategies

It is essential to track weekly what happens in the leagues and competitions chosen to invest our money. Results, leaders in goals, rebounds and assists (the study of statistics is key), injured players, rest time between games and matches (especially when a team plays international tournaments or even in the NBA), and precisely how each team responds before the requirement to play often. In that sense, the second half of the season usually takes its toll on those clubs whose agenda has been heavily charged.

As you can see, the factors to analyze in the anteroom of a match are many and, in short, they make up the best strategy that a bettor can choose. Of course, there are tactics and systems proper and special for basketball, among which the following stand out: bet against a run, use the handicap to bet on a favorite, bet against a team that comes from playing makes a day (or a few hours).

Finally, two useful tips. First, when it comes to betting on the number of points, it is good to know that some bookmakers account for the extension of the score and others do not. For that reason, it is worth investigating in advance to avoid unpleasant surprises. This issue is decisive when Over / Under bets are placed. Finally, those who bet in the NBA must be clear that, generally, the team that appears first is the visitor.

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