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The over / under bet

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Jul 18

They are a type of very common bets. They consist of guessing if the total score of a match (football, basketball, handball.) Will exceed a certain amount, which is usually decimal (ending in ‘5) to avoid the void. (Void means that just the amount of points corresponds to the over / under line, then the bet is canceled and the risky amount is returned).

In soccer the most common is the over / under 2.5 goals, that is, if between the two teams they will score more (over) or less (under) of 2.5 goals. It is important to say that the over and the under are not paid equally in the matches. The bookie evaluates the goals scored and received by each team and based on that marks the odds. There are leagues in which they score more goals per game (Germany, Holland.) And other leagues in which they score less (Italy, France.). In some bookmakers they also offer other lines that are not 2.5, but this is the most usual.

In basketball and handball there is no usual line, it depends on the game the markers fluctuate much more than they usually do in football. Even so, in the over / under, it is very difficult to find bets with value, since there are fewer circumstances that cause subjective errors of the oddsmakers. (The people in charge of putting the odds).

There are more curious bets that also work with this type of predictions, such as the number of Formula 1 cars that will finish a Grand Prix, normally the line is placed at 16.5 and the odds based on the circuit, weather. They can also refer to individual performances, for example the entry of a basketball player, there is a wide variety of bets of this type.

After bets on the winner, they may be the most popular since with statistics we can guide ourselves quite well, contrary to what happens with other types of forecasts. Therefore, there are many computer systems that give us picks based on a program designed by a bettor according to statistical standards, as in everything, with no winning results insurance in virtually all cases.

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