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Betting World is Changing, Do You Choose Your Side?

Today we bring another article where we question the current world in sports betting.

In a summarized way approaching what is really changing in sports betting, we will try to clarify how and in what way we will have to put ourselves in this same world or choose a possible side!
Well there are huge surprises that we have come to watch, since the exit of the e-wallets in Brazil, and the regulations in the European countries. Adding that the only one who “loses” is really the bettor.

What will this have to do to survive in this changing world every day?

We started with Brazilians, who suddenly felt the drama of sports betting.
With the exit of e-wallets from Brazil, Brazilians are obliged to withdraw money from the houses via e- wallets, until the middle of February. Then I wonder. Will not the houses miss this money and these bettors?
Yes, they will resent knowing that the Brazilian market is “wind up” and that sports betting grows every day in the Brazilian population.
Now the houses have been forced to find ways to continue to “receive” the money from these bettors, seeing themselves forced to adapt very different strategies. Talking about boleto is the first solution and among other solutions of other e-wallets still unreliable and well-known.
The question is? Will this bring more costs associated with homes and where will this be? In odds, of course. Rates? Yes too, most likely the homes will change their rates of withdrawal and even deposit – Get ready!
In short, who takes with the change and will have to bear all costs will be even the bettor, Brazilian in this specific case …
Who’s to blame? UK law is tougher than ever and they are not making life easier for homes and businesses in them.
The next step will be the legalization of sports betting in Brazil, where many say it’s coming soon, others believe it will take some time, but there are already solutions!
It is no wonder that certain news and publicity comes before the cataclysm, whoever is in this world is not sleeping, huge amounts of money are involved and huge investments have been made, and you have to be profitable with the product you are proposing!


Yes I think this will be the overall solution for everyone in the future of betting. Whether you are on the regulated market or who are constantly being limited in European homes.
Even the issue of withdrawals and deposits, here also has costs, but the cost-benefit ratio is enormous. Only the fact that you can put the bet there is better odds on the “World Wide” market is undoubtedly the best solution for the times that come there.
I lack the legal part to be able to speak coherently, and I advise those who are thinking of this solution to be informed in this requirement before entering a broker.
In “theory” betting on a broker is to give an order for someone, person or software, to make that bet for you. Well in practice we are not betting directly, we only give an order to a software so that it bets by itself.
Here is something and only the “detail” that can protect us, especially those behind regulated markets.
The other issue, if it is not legal, will have to be the institutions themselves to take the necessary steps to prevent this from happening. We talk from the restriction to the site address through the country’s ISPs.
Another will be the regulator himself who takes a position to stop these situations, I say again, if it is illegal. From warnings, fines, in short everything that the Law can predict in this specific field.
Good and now the things that make me think, these brokers are still there, and some bookies too, knowing that they are not regulated in these countries.
So, I ask myself, the regulators, and the States are asleep?
Hmm…. Continuous with no answer to give you …
Well, I’m going to leave this question in the air and ask them to try to reflect a little on this. But for now it only occurs to me a hypothesis, in case the regulator picks some bettor to do something illegal this will serve as an example, wherever and in what country.
This is the part that makes me more worried and I see, whoever it may be, it can serve as an example if you are accused of doing something illegal in relation to sports betting! It will serve as an example, you may want to!

Climate of fear?

Well I did not mean it that way, but we lived a little without knowing what to do, or better know, to be hostages of a Law that is more than outdated and that does not serve the interests of bettors nor bookies that enter the market regulated.
At this moment the regulator is asking everyone to help change this same Law. There are several email’s that the regulator may be receiving, as I believe that many are giving their opinion and manifesting themselves in some way against this Law which is more than outdated.
I note that everyone can contribute, just go to the website of our regulator SRIJ – there is an email created for this purpose!
One point to keep, and to clarify, at least I felt that there is dialogue between the regulator and the Portuguese gamblers, which in my view we can all win. This attitude leaves me somewhat more relaxed than in Portugal we may have in the next Law on sports betting.
Since we speak in Portugal and on this specific case, many changes we will have to pass even more sports to bet, horses for example, and new entries of players in the market. Now let’s see what the next Law can “adjust” or not in what we bettors want, which is only higher odds and fairer markets and affordable rates at all.
The issue of Trading that is slow to quit, we only saw moves in Poker with the so-called Shared Liquidity, it takes time to solve! The technical requirements for Poker are now available for consultation at our regulator – SRIJ
We will have to wait, without a doubt, we are “waiting” for some 3 years with no future for Portuguese gamblers and many have been forced to go to the foreigner and others simply seek other forms of extra income.

And with that the State lost a lot of income ….

This betting world is really changing, and the gambler, as I wrote earlier, is suffering from it. I always advise the best, which is to be aware of what is done and the consequences that this attitude can bring you.
I see a lot of gamblers not having a clue what they’re doing, and getting ready to be “caught up in the curve” or being mocked. I advise very carefully and be aware of what they promise or offer.
It is not easy to get out of this impasse but let’s see others succeed in sports bets with market-proofs, many have anticipated these situations and now it’s up to you to see what the rest will do.
In my humble opinion, I believe that more and more the bettors will separate, because they will notice. Many take up the challenge and want to go further, others remain credulous and faithful to what they have. But others, and especially those who have been showing more difficulties in this world, will give up and move on to another hobby.
I believe that with this “separation” caused by the current world of online betting can bring even more difficulties and separations in the sector.
We will certainly see several gamblers, companies whatever it is that is connected to the betting world to have to opt for a way. Many will turn to the right others to the left and others will move on, now it remains to know and then only time will tell, so that “side” is the right way and the best choice to take.
I leave a piece of advice at this crossroads that we live in right now, the choice seems difficult but it is not! Because? Simple, the choice will have to be made with your well-being and awareness and the choice becomes obvious. And yet a caveat will always be the possibility to return to the crossroads and choose another direction.
Make your choices and options right now as the betting world is changing. The reality is bare and raw, but many look sideways and whistle, and time is running out.
I hope you have enjoyed this article, where I tried to address the current moment of sports betting and the future and the feeling of a bettor trapped at the crossroads created by the online betting market itself.

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