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Like all activities related to money and emotions, sports betting has given and will give enough myths and superstitions. Some of them have been accepted by bettors, others are still appreciated as realities.

When playing first and last ranked is a safe bet

One of the biggest biases in betting when it comes to value. A lot of bettors consider these matches as having a maximum degree of safety and already winning bets.

Clearly, the odds are small and will always be surprising. When these surprises occur, they have a huge impact on the bettors.

Many bettors lose big bets on small odds, and bookmakers make a substantial profit. False!

The first rounds of the championship are dangerous

I’m not saying you can’t win or that you can’t make a profit from the first games. Nor do I support the fact that big surprises can occur. However, when you bet in the early stages, you are exposed to certain risks generated by the lack of information and especially by the fact that you do not fully realize how one team or another approaches the game.

Not having enough games played, the statistics of the first rounds are irrelevant. The relationships of the game are not concluded and the analysis of the game is done under conditions of total uncertainty.

Therefore, you expose yourself to an unjustified risk by betting in the early stages. True!

You can’t make a profit by betting on clear favorites

Although it is clear that, most of the time, the value is on the outsiders or on a handicap in their favor, any bettor can make a profit by playing the favorites. The point is, in the case of clear favorites, bookmakers greatly reduce their odds and find it harder to find value. On the other hand, you are tempted to choose as many matches as possible and are exposed to surprises.

In the case of clear favorites, because of the low odds, you cannot apply betting systems and in order to take the chance you have to play (for example) at least 10 matches per ticket.

I admit that I am a fan of betting on clear favorites, under the strict analysis of bets placed.

As the day goes by, the bets become more evolved, the ability to choose is refined and it is a certainty that you can make a profit by betting on clear favorites. False!

Don’t bet on teams that have no motivation

Simply this myth is a bad one and can put you in situations where you will find very valuable odds. One of those prejudices to common bets that negatively affect you.

This superstition came about because the bettors want their team to be 100% determined and have to suffer more than them if they lose the bets.

Of course, there are situations and situations, and each of them are observed through analysis, but there are countless cases where the team considered without motivation has a good odds, plays well and wins against the forecasts.

Remember that football is not a pure sport and lots of countertops appear in all leagues. Some are discovered, others are not.

So clearly they will win, they do not need victory, they take 3 points for sure, they always beat at home, they remain at the level of parochial expressions determined by desire. False!

You can’t win if you use “easy-money”

Easy-money means, first of all, to bet large amounts on very small odds. It is approaching 3, if it is pre-match betting or a very low odds is taken if it is live betting.

You bet a lot, you risk a lot. Remember that most often small odds are not safe odds. False biases that urge you to believe that you can win quickly using small or very small odds, do not have their place in your overall strategy.

However, easy-money does not mean betting the whole bank on a single match. It does not mean that you have to win because you chose the lowest possible odds. And here comes the analysis, the knowledge of the match, the ability to choose, and, last but not least, the patience.

There are numerous examples of easy-money, the technique being used by many successful gamblers. False!

Matches in European competitions affect matches in internal competition

In modern football, money is given priority. With the exception of the Premier League, the money is in the European competitions. It is natural for each team to want to advance as much as possible and collect larger amounts.

It is well documented that the teams involved in European competitions have syncope in the internal championships. This is also due to the fatigue, the rotation of the players, the euphoria sometimes.

So pay attention to the teams that play in the championship and then have a European match or vice versa. Depending on the goals, the coach will rest some players and use reserves. True!

Bookmakers arrange matches

One of the biggest aberrations a bettor can support. There are two main and clear reasons that show that no modern bookmaker has any interest in getting involved in the matches: 1. he would just lose, 2. the integrity and image of a bookmaker are vital in the field.

Playing a match would mean non-compliance with legal standards. Under the terms of the license, any such risk would seriously affect a bookmaker. Not just image consequences but also legal consequences with the most serious consequences.

Large bookmakers, with multiple licenses in different laws, are listed on the stock exchange. Any credible news can affect them financially. Moreover, betting operators are sensitive even to complaints or complaints made against them to various bodies in the field. False!

Bookmakers want to lose a lot of money

Another completely wrong myth. Betting operators will indeed reap huge profits if PSG loses at home to Nantes or if Manchester City gives way to Stoke.

But you know that a 0 margin match should give you odds of @ 2.00 with @ 2.00 if you bet on Asian handicap. Despite this, you are offered odds of @ 1.91 with @ 1.91, in the best case.

The difference from @ 1.91 to @ 2.00 is the margin representing the operator’s profit. When the odds drop, it’s because of the bets placed.

Therefore, a bookmaker does not expect you to lose huge amounts in their favor. On the contrary, many have risk management that limits the stakes of some players. Last but not least, responsible betting is about education, but also about money management. False!

Mania of trick matches

Yes, some matches are arranged. This scourge is known and sustained efforts are being made to combat it. There have been cases when players were suspended for life or teams were demoted and sanctioned financially.

However, pretending to be a fool every time you lose a bet, maybe it’s a lot. There are quite a few bettors who believe that 50% of their losing bets are due to tricked matches, especially when the match does not go as expected and a team loses in overtime. Statistics, however, contradict you with irrefutable arguments.

It is among the most common prejudices encountered in sports betting.

In general, a tricked match has as few identifying elements as possible and is very difficult to detect by bettors, even by those with great experience and many years of betting behind. False!

I’m unlucky, I’m still playing a game

Leave the bad luck aside, I can tell you, with certainty that you are not unlucky at all. Luck has nothing to do with long-term betting. You simply did not bet enough respecting a chosen strategy.

And so there are plenty of preconceived ideas and prejudices at betting, you don’t have to create false ideas.

In time, you will realize that luck and bad luck are two notions that compensate for one another. You can’t always be lucky, you can’t always be unlucky.

In general, any bettor is tempted to remember only the bad times and in which he was unlucky, not those in which he was lucky.

If you still have a match, take it with you. I reduce the number of matches played.

It is said that, in the long term, only a percentage of maximum 8% of those who bet, have success and constant profit. All the same, it is believable that 1% are unlucky and expect 100 years of luck.

Fortunately, you are not among those who are pursued by bad luck. False!

I’m scared of rising odds

Here the mentality is simple, the bettors have the feeling that the bookmakers might know something about those matches.

However, in 90% of cases, the quota lines are moved by the market. A bookmaker who always offers too low odds will be avoided as soon as possible. A bookmaker who offers too high odds will be exposed to the risks of safe betting. There are situations and situations, the idea is that there are no bookmakers that offer weak and strong odds.

At each of the bookmakers you can find very good odds and below the market average. It just depends on you and your sources of information. After all, the choice is yours.

Even so, rising or falling odds should be seen as an indicator and not a cause for panic. False!

Betting systems make money for you / betting systems will ruin you

Both approaches are disproportionate and far from the truth. There is no betting system to guarantee your win, but each one approaches both statements.

One of the most common betting biases is that related to betting systems. The mathematical formula of success has not yet been discovered and no system will make a profit for you alone.

Think about the bets, the profit comes from the analysis, study, continuous information and knowledge of all the tools offered by the bookmakers.

For example, Kelly’s criterion does not guarantee your profit, but you are likely to make a profit using it. More importantly, it limits your losses. Similarly, the Martingale System does not guarantee your profit unless you have a virtually infinite bank. The examples can be continued.

You will ask what you need more betting systems and strategies. Firstly, they offer you models, secondly, they teach you that discipline is extremely important.

Therefore, each statement has a grain of truth but also much uncertainty. False!

Smart bets are easy to bet

I do not exclude any method, no betting strategy, no gambling technique, I agree that money can be made from betting tickets.

When you bet on more matches, the more you increase your odds, the less your chances of winning and losing the odds are worth. This is the main reason why simple bets have the highest chances of success.

I do not make a parallel here between single bets and multiple bets, each has its advantages and depends a lot on how you choose to bet, but the value is on simple bets. True!

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