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Betting Log File

The Excel file displayed serves to accurately record all bets placed by a bettor over time.

This file is prepared for the registration of almost 10,000 bets, along which you can see, through graphics, our performance in each sport, market or month according to the preferences. It should be noted that the charts update automatically for each bet made.


The file is divided into 7 different sheets, which I will describe:

A month
By sport
By market
Trading Charts

The “Data” sheet is used to place all kind of information necessary for entering data in the “Bets” sheet. For the sake of testing, various information is already entered in the tables, but you can and should delete all the information you are not interested in and just put the data you work with, that is, put sports, markets, leagues and houses with that you make the bets. It is not advisable to delete the information contained in the column “Result”, type of bet and “Betting Month”

In addition, you must place your starting balance and the percentage of the bank you want to risk on each bet. Of course, if you do not have a fixed betting unit, you should ignore this value.

In the “Bets” sheet you must enter all the information of your bets. In the “House”, “Sports”, “League”, “Market” and “Result” columns the values to be entered are displayed in a list that will appear as soon as you load the desired cell. The displayed values are the values that you entered in the “Data” sheet. This ensures that the data will be treated evenly, that is, the values shown in the graphs will be correct and grouped. In this sheet there are some hidden columns (for example column C and D), but you have to keep them as they are “hidden” some sub-calculations that have no interest for your bets. You must also enter the values of “Date”, “Odds” and “Value Amount”. In addition all the formulas are protected against any “deletes”.
In the “For sport” sheet, your betting performance is shown through a chart. In order for this chart to be consistent with your bets you must place the respective sport in all bets that you make
On the “Per market” sheet, your betting performance is displayed on a chart. In order for this chart to be consistent with your bets you must place the respective market in all bets that you make
In the “Trading” sheet is a sheet intended exclusively for traders. It works the same way as the “Bets” sheet. The difference is that you must register the purchase and sale of the bet.
In the “Trading Charts” sheet, your trading performance is shown through a chart. In order for this chart to be consistent with your bets you must complete the “Trading” sheet with all the necessary information.

Notas adicionais

Para alterar os dados apresentados no gráficos deves fazer o seguinte:
1. Primeiro desbloqueias a folha do Excel (No office 2007 e 2010 vais ao menu Rever e clicas em desproteger folha).
2. De seguida colocas o rato em cima da parte azul do gráfico e clicas no botão direito do rato.Vai abrir uma janela e clicas em seleccionar dados.
3. Vai abrir uma nova janela e repara que duas colunas dos dados que estão do lado esquerdo do gráfico vão ficar envoltas num tracejado. Essas colunas são os dados que entram para o gráfico.
4. Agora só tens que seleccionar com o rato a primeira coluna até onde queiras. Depois pressiona o CTRL e seleccionas a coluna dos lucros.
5. Depois é só fazer OK e já está.

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