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Bets in 2018 – International, North and South American Panorama

We came back during the first article on what to expect from online betting in 2018.

If I made futurology in relation to the panorama of Portugal, maybe, but I think that during the course of the year, we can see some subjects that I approached to be referenced in the news about the bets.
Now we are going to approach the international scene obviously speaking on the state of betting in Europe still with connections to the subject of today and speak of the United Kingdom and we will travel to the North and South American continent.
This week, we were approached and it seems that it is now easy to talk about it, with issues of movements, or better news nothing encouraging for those who are in Brazil.
I had in mind to say in this article what I thought, but now I’m late, because one of the news is already out, Skrill and Neteller do not accept deposits of bookies.
All this leads to legislation in the UK and adding the Brexit issue, may be influencing and quite the decisions of houses.
Another news that goes to what I thought and once again has already appeared, and houses like Bet365 may be having more difficulties than previously thought. After changing all the bonus schemes and affiliation, news about the cancellation of bets, only corroborate my idea on this subject.
Many have already been the complaints that bet365 had and that once distanced itself by not doing like the others, is entering the same path. It eliminates bets when it was once mistaken and even protected the bettor.
Did you become like the others? We know that no, because the brand vs. bettor relationship is still consolidated, but I believe that if there are more of these, and the marketing that I have seen against this particular house may bring more discomfort.
The news that the CEO of bet365 makes a lot of money, also does not pay anything for the credibility of the house. I want to want the house may be experiencing difficulties. Competition from Russia, and not only, laws in the Uk increasingly rigid, and the fact of having to pay a lot tax where entered into regulated countries.
The investment may not be paying off and we may see some monetization maneuvers in the house, and you can go through the offered bonuses, affiliations and even “draw” some losses in the betting part itself. And the odds are already made.
It is not at all my aim to speak ill of bet365 is to just check the news and think a little beyond them. Our critical spirit forces us to think about it and gives us that same freedom. It may be unfounded but at the very least it is strange, do not you agree?

We return to the Europe – UK issue!

Things are getting tight, and the issue South American countries are suffering from restrictions caused in Europe itself, such as the UK gambling ect ect. Let’s say fragments of the decisions that have to be taken if they want to operate in the UK. Obviously South American countries are “taking” with these decisions and things get tighter every time.
Coming back to Portugal, now, Europe, with the legalization path, taxing online betting, the houses are being forced to adjust. In this process the only “loser” will be the bettor. Less Bonus, less offers, less conditions, last but not least … less “fat” odds.
We had a difficult time and the issue this week of the virtual wallets, comes to beat what I thought.

The panorama of online betting may even change!

Yes, I think so, I start by saying that you will almost have to go through a virtual specific currency! Will it then be converted into conversion rates? Perhaps, Bitcoin is still there and because it is not a solution in the short and medium term.
The creation and a new specific currency? I believe, but at this moment after Bitcoin things are tighter on this path. I do not think they will allow another coin to grow like that all of a sudden.
After all this news in Brazil and beyond, I believe we may also suffer something from this. We hope to see you!
Well, it is no wonder that I know there are at least two houses working with Bitcoins. I believe I can go there, but I still say more, there is another solution well ahead of our eyes ..
Brokers, yes!
I look at the market and the news always looking for the why. And in the financial market where millions are made, the steps are well given without stepping on traps or slippery terrain!
Before this everything happened we were surprised and bombarded with brokers, some even got a made, enter for oddsportal for example …
Good big step, but everything in my view has a logic, was invested in the disclosure, and now is the time to reap the rewards.
So you took a step before the “tragedy”? Is there a step, a solution before something happens where it goes through this solution?
“Wow” the malta who walks in this really knows how to move in the betting world and knows well how to act ahead of time is not it?
I can see the correlation in these news and these ads, and I realize that the market is getting quite upset. And my projection for 2018 at the international level will be even to change the paradigm of online betting as we know them today.

The transition is being made slowly, we’re adjusting. Replace:

Legislation in the countries in europe
Legislation in South American countries
Regulators have put more rigid rules, UK gambling and European Commission, Brexit case!
Appearance of the brokers, thus, coming from nowhere, with publicity.
Virtual wallets to be blocked for these purposes
Emergence of bookies accept Crypt coins
Skrill and Neteller itself accept Bitcoins

In short, we will see a change in bets during the course of this year 2018. We may even change certain opinions on certain things, so we can continue in the online betting world-
The right thing is that the brokers have come to stay, and will be by now in 2018 the right choice. Another important issue that I will mention next is the gambler’s question! Will the gambler continue, some will give up, or will they take the next step?
Questions that only time can answer, but it is certain that I will give my humble opinion, and those who are “well” in the bets these will hardly leave the way.
I’ve even seen videos talking about it, it could be the driving news to quit amateurism and seek out specialization. Many will take the next step to becoming professionals. Others with the lack of means and above all always in the shadow of others, may leave this world, which I believe is the most sensible solution.
Others have continued and will wait for more news, go on the crest of the wave until they see where they can reach. Many have already left, others have emigrated and others have left this world and passed up and just being playful gamblers.
It is hoped that many will give up and many will continue to invest in their training and above all to move towards professionalism. But this leads me to an issue!
Without playful gamblers, how will bookmakers survive?
This is the question that I ask myself … Without those who bet only by betting, without any knowledge of what they are doing, how is a bookmaker going to survive only with professionals on the ground?
Simple answer …. Do you know how the stock exchange works? Well I think that will happen, we will get to the point of buying and selling tick’s? But wait …. But do not many already do this? Can Trading be at an advantage at this time in the future? Do not know‚Ķ
Well, I can not respond coherently because I do not have the crystal ball, but I know that the future is black for amateurs and appealing to professionals and future professionals. The houses will have to be shaped, put in another position, because they will have more professionals on the other side than amateurs.
Can you be foolish enough to say that? It may, but one thing that makes me think that amateurs will always “help” the houses is that they exist …. Regulated markets.
The tendency is for a regulated market to become more comprehensive, and with competition it may open up more room for lowering fees for example. Better conditions for bettors, slightly higher odds and with that bring back playful gamblers to the online.
But for this to work the balance has to be balanced, and in the matter of regulation, it is a bit late, but the big houses are already regulated in the right places for example. I see that the houses also took a step towards their profitability, many assumed unbearable rates to take over the market in certain countries.
I believe that the balance can be balanced later but during this “general change” we can see some decompensation between the parties, the bettor and the bookmakers.
If the bettor is an attentive and reasonable bettor, I think he will “get away” from this possible conflict that I think will soon happen. But I also report that this process is scarcely noticed, because all the interests involved in this will be that “malta do not be surprised from here out!”
Shall we drift a little? Yes, maybe, but I think the betting world is going to change, slowly, and with us, sure.
The fight will be even more difficult, but I believe that soon we will all be adjusted to the new reality, houses and bettors.

Bookies is right but what about brokers?

Well these will have more customers like never before, and now is the right time to bet on the “fundraising” of this service that will solve many problems of many players at this time.
What will be cheaper will be the professional gamblers’ offerings to investors because there will be more, but the good and proven ones in the market can see their barrel rise …
There is no need to talk about the South American issue, and I will also draw the Americans to the same approach …
In the south, things will increasingly move towards legalization, many will flee to the brokers to continue betting and thus becoming many professionals of them. Others will always live on the bale of what the houses will do after the legislation.
Some South American countries are already regulated, and from the feedback that I have had even been easy to change. The question was even about the issue of the currency and it was more complicated to live from betting.
Countries that are not yet regulated will take the next step, when others start presenting concrete revenue data, countries such as Brazil and Peru with a tradition in betting may follow the steps taken by them.
Here we will see how this step will be, but I believe it will be very similar to Portugal – High rates – Soon few houses to invest, but that could improve over time …
The United States, and here I put together with this question, there is much talk about the legalization of gambling there. Many states are already struggling for this, and many are already on the verge of being able to do so. The issue of online and very complex in the US, but I believe a President Trump things can be resolved by then.
As you know Trump had or has a Casino, and he sees the question of betting differently. The revenue generated from this in the US I believe should be astronomical should bets be legalized. I believe that many houses would pay for this world and the other to be able to operate there!
Trump’s question is this: does he no longer like people getting into their own places than they do at home? This is my doubt, but I believe maybe not in 2018, but in the very near future the issue online betting in the US will be resolved for good.
Good and this is how I end this series of two articles on what to expect online betting in 2018 and in many of the cases we went to the future rambling who knows a little!
I hope you have enjoyed the “my” idea, but it is no more than that, it is my opinion and you also take some time to reflect on sports betting in the world and in Portugal.
I know this article was something extensive, I apologize, but I would have to address all these aspects that I have addressed.

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