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One of the most important tools for advanced bettors is sure bet (which means safe bet), a method to obtain secure winnings regardless of the final result of a game.

With the term sure bet a particular situation is indicated in which, taking advantage of the differences in the odds between several bookmakers on a particular event, it is possible to mathematically obtain a profit by pointing a different sum on each of the 3 signs (or 2) provided for the game.
A practical example of course is much more effective than any theoretical definition and explanation.

It is considered a football match in which the signs 1, X and 2 are thus listed on 3 different bookmakers

BOOK-a 1) 2.50 X) 3.20 2) 2.70
BOOK-b 1) 2.80 X) 2.75 2) 2.95
BOOK-c 1) 2.40 X) 2.70 2) 3.40

It is obviously advisable to bet on the first book for the sign X, on the second for the sign 1 and on the third for the sign 2.
But how do you make sure that in the end you will have a mathematical profit and how do you calculate the amount to bet on each sign?
Calculating the safe payout is very simple: just consider the best odds for each sign and make very short calculations (divisions).

For the 1: 1 / 2.80 = 0.35
For the X sign: 1 / 3.20 = 0.31
For the sign 2: 1 / 3.40 = 0.29

The sum of 0.35 + 0.31 + 0.29 is 0.95. This means that to earn a 1 euro you must wager 0.95 €, so for every euro bet we will have 5 cents of earning. This if compared to large numbers, for example 1000 €, can give rise to substantial revenues (in this case more than 50 €) regardless of the final outcome of the game.

As for the amounts on each sign, just consider the division’s coefficients: 35% of the budget for the 1 sign on the book-b, 31% on the sign X of the book-a and 29% on the sign 2 of the book-c . In this way, investing 95% of the available budget will get 100% as one of the signs 1, X or 2 will win. Moral of the story: increase of € 5, or 5% of your bankroll.

It often happens to find surebet with a much higher percentage than that considered in the example. All you need is the right tools: the most important of this is the odds comparator. Often there is the possibility to quickly obtain information about possible surebet thanks to specific sections of the odds comparators.

Other valid tools, such as the automatic calculator of the possible percentage of secure winnings and the amounts to bet on each sign, can be easily found on the web.

Obviously, to make this type of play it is necessary to have more than one betting account, each with a different bookmaker.

But all that glitters is not gold … some beginner betters often run into trivial errors: we list some of them. First of all there is the error of the disappearance of quotas: often, in fact, it happens that someone trusts too much of the odds indicated by the comparators, forgetting to check directly on the site of the bookmaker. A mistake to avoid if you do not want to risk finding yourself with bets on 2 signs and without a good quota on the third sign to make surebet.

Another frequent mistake is not to collect information on which the bet will be placed. In fact, it may happen that some books place a limit on the maximum amount that can be placed on a quota, or that cancel the bets if there is a clear quota error or that they do not accept single games for certain events.

Another fundamental consideration to keep well in mind: after a sure bet, only one of the three betting accounts used will contain the winnings while the other two will be ‘discharged’. To reload them you will need to make a withdrawal from the account on which there is money and deposit on others. In this way it becomes extremely important to know if these books apply a tariff or retain a percentage on each withdrawal / deposit. If so, these costs are to be subtracted from the profit of the surebet, so the winnings could be canceled.

Times and methods of withdrawal are factors that should not be underestimated.

The advice is to select a group of 6-10 bookmakers (those with higher average odds or with peaks of odds, perhaps with 0 costs on cash transactions and accepting single games without limits and constraints) and to monitor possible surebet obtainable with these bookmakers.

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