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Betting on the matches where we believe there will be a zero tie will be a good way to find very high and profitable odds, this in the exact result markers, in this way the idea will be that you can always win in the best way without having to risk so much money.

When thinking about betting on the tie to zero, it must be taken into account that this marker is not so common, therefore the odds will be above 5.00 in general, so that, if we are going to do it, there will be no need to put a lot of money, it will depend on how much we have in our bankroll, so this can be between 1 and 5 euros to achieve good results.

Also, the advantage of betting on the games to tie to zero is that we can do not only the exact score but the final result as a draw, where this will be much more likely, and the odds will also be profitable, since on average they are usually be between 3.00 and 3.50 in general, where here you can bet a little more money in each of these games, and there will be gains of more than triple in all cases, so this type of strategy can be very effective, but above all very profitable knowing how to choose the matches.

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