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Many bettors believe that they can register without more in bookmakers on the Internet to benefit from the welcome bonus and excellent betting products, receive good treatment as customers and make money to foes with their bets. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as that. In this guide, we will explain some strategies that will help you avoid losing your balance to bet.

We can confirm that there are very good products and services to bet today, and online bookmakers that have efficient customer service. But although all that is important, the overwhelming reality is the following: if you are not able to effectively manage the balance of your betting account, no amount of money will be enough for you to continue betting enough time and end up winning substantial amounts.

What is balance/bankroll management?

There are two main aspects that professional bettors must master in the betting world in order to succeed. The first is knowing how to find the best odds in the betting market, and the second being able to manage the balance of your betting account effectively, assessing well the possible risks and rewards when placing your bets. The latter implies knowing how to manage your balance, the entries and exits of money in your betting account, which is known in English as bankroll management or money management.

There are sports experts bettors who know how to find the best odds on different betting websites, but who are not able to manage their betting account while minimizing the risks.

No matter how good you are by calculating the value of the odds in a match … if you are not able to control the total amount you bet per game. There are many bettors who are experts in sports and excellent in finding valuable odds in bookmakers … but they fail to know how to manage the balance of their betting account while minimizing the risks.

An example of account balance management can be … be imposed not to bet more than 3% of the money you have in your betting account at any given time. If the balance in your account grows, so will your bets; Just as if the balance decreases, your bets will. The important thing is to stick to 3% and not exceed it.

Why is it important to manage the account balance?

You must ask yourself, how much should I play in a single bet in relation to the total balance of my account? What value should I give to some odds or others in this or that betting market ?; and above all … how much am I willing to risk to win?

The answer to these questions is key to managing the balance of your betting account effectively, and essential for your account to be protected from contingencies. To understand it better, we will present four benefits of taking seriously the management of the flow of money that enters and leaves your betting account:

You will not insist on trying to recover the money you may have lost by betting previously, avoiding betting more than you can afford to lose.
You will not be too ambitious or greedy when things are going well, not betting too high amounts in proportion to your total balance.
You will better endure bad losing streaks, without leaving your balance to zero.
Surely it will help you make more honest and better weighted decisions when betting.

Manage loss periods

Any bettor goes through bad times sooner or later, it happens to those who bet on fun and also to professional players. Sometimes those periods can last only days, but sometimes they last for months. What differentiates the professional gambler from the amateur in many cases is how they deal with it. You may go through phases in which it seems that, regardless of the bet you make, you will lose it; And knowing how to handle situations like that is not easy.

Often, what separates a professional gambler from an amateur is how they handle their betting streaks, especially the bad ones

For professional bettors, the periods in which they are badly given make it clear how important it is to know how to manage the balance of your betting account in a thorough and orderly manner. In addition, a prolonged bad streak in time may be a clear indication that you may need to review your strategy when betting and try to identify possible weaknesses in your approach.

Example of how not to manage a loss period

You have a balance of € 1000 in your betting account, and normally you bet € 10 per game – 1% – following a conservative strategy. Chains ten games in a row losing, so your balance drops to € 900. The situation causes you frustration and you try to recover the lost at all costs, for which you increase your next bet to € 100 … you also lose the bet and your balance falls to € 800.

Now you can only think of recovering the € 200 lost, so you decide to place a bet with everything you have left, € 800, in favor of Barcelona in your next league game. The bet is in theory very safe – at 1.25 odds – so you assume that your balance will return to € 1000 … but Barça ties to zero and you lose everything.

Example of good management of a bad run

In the same situation as before … instead of increasing the amounts wagered, you decide to take a week off. Instead of betting, you review your strategy to try to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your way of betting. To do this, you decide to study your betting history and results.

After that week, your analysis has led you to the conclusion of not continuing to bet on English Premier League games, which has been where you have lost a higher percentage of bets. But on top of that, since your account has dropped to € 900, you reduce your bets per game to € 9. Slowly but surely, you start to win again and, after 30 bets placed, you have increased your account to € 1100. In the end, taking it calmly and head you have managed to reverse the bad streak and resume the path of victory.

Manage profit periods

Fortunately, you will also go through periods when everything seems to be going well. Engaging good streaks is what every player is looking for, but be very aware that a positive trend can change overnight, so you must be disciplined managing the balance you have in your betting account.

It is very common among bettors to increase the amounts they bet when things are going well. This may be due to overconfidence, but it also has to do with being too greedy and wanting more from the account. A good run can change quickly, and in a short period, you can lose a lot of money if you increase the amounts disproportionately wagered.

Of course, it is logical that you increase them as your balance in the betting account grows, but always trying to maintain the proportions. After all, it’s about following a long-term strategy and sticking to it without exception, even when things go smoothly.

How not to manage a profit period

You have € 1000 of balance in your betting account and, as we said before, you usually bet € 10 per game. Link some victories that lead you to increase your balance to € 1200. You are confident, so you are able to increase it faster. Therefore, the next bet you make is € 200, for odds of 1.5 for example, and you are certain that you will win again … but you lose and at a stroke, your balance goes back down to € 1000.

Good management of a positive run

Same situation, in which after a good run you have managed to reach up to € 1200 in balance. Although you are satisfied, you are cautious and decide not to increase the amounts you bet. After meditating, you realize that your account balance has not grown so much that it is worth changing your strategy.

You lose your next bet … but that doesn’t change anything, you keep your way of betting and you get your balance to continue growing slowly but with a firm step. In a case like this, with those € 1200 balance, what you can do is increase your amount wagered per game to € 12; thus maintaining the same percentage – both 10 out of 1000, and 12 out of 1200, representing 1% of the total balance initially considered.


There are various strategies and theories related to the management of the balance or bankroll in your betting account, which are presented as relatively safe ways to make a profit when betting. Some of them come from financial markets, and in any case, there are more and less profitable, and more or less simple to implement.

We can name, among the most popular, the Martingale betting system, the Fibonacci system, Kelly’s criteria and the unit system; Well-known strategies that are used in the betting world. If you decide to use any of them, the most important thing is to choose the one that can best adapt to your way of betting.

Some strategies are better suited to some players than others, depending on the sports in which you bet and the risk that the bettor decides to face with his bets. Our recommendation is that you do not follow several strategies when betting, but identify the one that suits you best and implement it with discipline.


An important aspect of balance management is keeping accounts efficiently, as this will allow you to better manage your balance in the long-term bookmaker. If you do it correctly, you can be clear about what kind of games or bets report you winnings and which ones are a drag on you.

For example, maybe the more / less market is the one that gives you the most benefits, but that’s something you’ll know once you’ve taken the accounts and analyzed the bets you’ve made. After doing the study, you will be better able to evolve and improve the way you face the bets.

How you decide to do that audit of your bets is not the most important thing, there are several ways to do it and, in fact, there are programs on the internet that will give you a good idea about it – the easiest way is to use paper and pen, but it is preferable to use the Excel program. After all, whatever you do, the fundamental thing is that it allows you to track and develop your way of betting.

How to audit your bets

Set a day of the week, or month, depending on the volume of information you have to analyze. Bettors who take it seriously are responsible for making the accounts of the bets they have made in a specific period of time, and then analyze them.

If you consider that this process can take you too long, it may be enough to calculate how your account balance has evolved in the period considered. If you at least do this, you will be able to have control of your strategy by betting and making it profitable. It will be key for you to verify when your account has been in red numbers during that period.

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