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Which tennis tournament to bet on?

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Sep 28

In most sports, the national championship is the main competition throughout the year. By adding the national, European or world cups, we reach a maximum of 5 different tournaments.

In tennis, there are a multitude of them. We’ve put them together and explain why and how to bet on each one.

Bet on the Grand Slam

They represent the dream of every tennis player. They are the most prestigious and profitable tournaments, in terms of money or points for the classification (2000 points for the winner).

There are 4:

Australian Open

Roland Garros


US Open

In terms of betting, these tournaments are interesting for prudent prognosticators because they offer relatively few surprises: indeed, as these are the unmissable tournaments, the biggest players are present and arrive at the top of their physical condition.

In addition, for men, matches are played in 3 winning sets, instead of 2 in other competitions: this further reduces the likelihood of an underdog winning against a favorite. It is possible to lose 1 or even 2 sets against a weaker tennis player, but 3 is much rarer.

The length of the meetings also gives an advantage to the players with a resistant physique, to the detriment of the more fragile technicians.

Bet on the Tennis Masters

This category includes the Masters 1000 (according to the number of points awarded to the winner), numbering 9 distributed throughout the year, and the Masters at the end of the year, which pits the 8 best players of the season against each other.

We do not recommend betting on the latter: indeed, it comes at the end of a grueling year, fatigue and injuries therefore regularly disrupt the progress of matches.

On the other hand, the Masters 1000 are a good opportunity to bet: they are just behind the Grand Slam Tournaments in the hierarchy, and are, therefore, very popular.

The Masters 1000 are a series of 9 compulsory tournaments for players with sufficient ranking. They take place on 2 types of surfaces:

Hard: Indian Wells, Miami, Canada, Cincinnati, Shanghai and Paris

Clay: Monte-Carlo, Madrid, Rome

Unsurprisingly, the most successful players today are Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, and Roger Federer.

After all 9 tournaments have taken place, the top 8 players in the world rankings go head to head at the Masters (renamed to ATP Finals since 2017).

ATP 500 and 250

Other interesting tournaments are the ATP 500 and 250. For women, they are known as “WTA Premier” and “WTA International”.

In total, this represents around fifty tournaments. Surprises are more frequent there because the great champions sometimes abandon them to concentrate on the more prestigious competitions. For an expert bettor, this is a very good opportunity to realize significant capital gains.

These competitions are much less prestigious than the Masters. There are no big seeds. You will need to be sure you know the players well before placing a bet.

Davis Cup / Fed Cup

Annual team competition for men (Davis Cup) or women (Fed Cup), it is popular with the public. However, it is very difficult to bet on it: depending on their temperament, participants are either transcended at the idea of competing for their country, or paralyzed by the stakes.

In addition, the host country of the match is of great importance, since the crowd is more exuberant than in other tournaments: locals are cheered, and visitors booed. If you think you know the mental strength of each player well, bet on Davis Cup, it can pay you big!

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