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You can find here the top 5 betting systems that offer the best outcome for the usual bettor. Our tips and strategies are 100% free of cost. Using a system, your betting style will change and you will start winning from the first week.

Martingale method dates from the 18th century, originating in France. This method was designed for singles with 50% chance, like throwing a coin. The strategy consists in choosing a girl, Heads or tails and doubling the stake after each loss, so that when the first page plus gain recover lost profits.

We can see below the 4 steps to using this system we obtained a profit of 80 euros, even though we lost 3 out of 4 bets placed.

This system provides the necessary safety even unlucky punters who managed to win very often. Diagram above presents the system using relatively small share, but imagine using the system for a few tickets with a large share ..

Important and essential thing to remember is that the stakes should be chosen to make enough money in the bank remains wrong even if 5 or 6 consecutive bets.

Martingale system is invincible when used by an experienced gambler follow the rules and do not deviate from the regulation.


The first bet stake 10 euros – lost
The second bet stake 20 euros – lost
The third bet stake 40 euros – lost
The fourth bet stake 80 euros- won

If a football bet, you can choose a team and will count as equal, for example. To comply with the method of betting the amount bet doubles after each stage and of course is betting on the same team.
After every team makes a draw, all you the choice of this team, inspiration, study charts and odds offered by bookmakers. Usually these rates are above 3.00 at a draw back so the calculation above if you would get the fourth bet you win 240-80 (bet 4) – 70 (previous bet) = 90 lei.

  1. The mechanism of this method is quite simple: every time you lose, double your previous bet stake and continue until you win. The theory behind this method is that when they win, even after a long series of failures, you will recover the money plus profit.
    You start with a bet. If winning start and with the same bet, or double the stake. Every time you lose, double your previous bet amount bet. In the end you still have to win when that happens all bets lost by then, that their stake will be returned plus profits from the original amount that you started.

  2. I have long used martingale, initially at odds 2, but brings little profit, then the rate in March, but we got to 7-8 and I bet a little hand shaking when I had to make large sums. mom when you arrive in 7 to losing all sit and think “as you get up here, you still had 7 as” or coming to you all sorts of bad ideas in your head.