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Value bet

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Jun 24

Bet learns to select the bets thanks to the technology(skill) value and obtain long-term benefits.

To fix the quota of an event, the house of bets calculates the probability of which the sports forecast(prediction) is fulfilled. If it(he,she) underestimates this probability, he(she) will propose a very high and at the time quota you will be able to bet on a profitable quota. A value bet is, therefore, one bets(stations) whose(which) probability of success(wisdom) is underestimated by the house of bets.

A bet is a value bet if the following formula is fulfilled:

1/Quota Probability of success

Example of value bet

To discover a value bet must calculate the probability you itself. If his calculations are correct, the probability of success will be major of what they indicate the quotas to him and will obtain long-term benefits.

Complicated of the value bet is to calculate probabilities more exact than those of the houses of bets. The houses of bets have to his scope specialized tools and a priori the combat seems to be very unequal.

Now, thanks to SportyTrader, it can cash in to his bets. SportyTrader has developed a few mathematical specific models for football and tennis. These models allow to calculate probabilities of very trustworthy results.

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Next Goal – betting system

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Jul 19

The “Next Goal” is a relatively new market and is based mainly bets on the famous Martingale system. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis system is that in certain games, especially football players where height is small, it often marks the foot.

In major championships of Europe and in the lower leagues in England, this system has little value because the gaps are often marked with the head or free kick.

For the option to bet: “The next goal in the percent” have rates starting at 1.70 and reach 2.00 depending on the game. If we simply count just by doubling the stake we have a win soon.

Advised to increase stake in importance depending on the match and forwards the two teams. If you are very sure sign of a team will advise you to increase percent stake as much as possible because during this system we tested was the maximum paid off.

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